The Weir

The Weir

(formerly the White Horse)
24 Market Place

Pub built in 1603 with later additions.

Locally listed as “White Horse”.

In Butts Conservation Area.


There’s mention of this as The White Horse as early as 1603. A rebuild and the addition of the tiles on the outside walls would seem to be about the same date as other pubs in the town.

Originally the PH was just the corner building (with the Doulton tiles) but incorporated the Victorian house next door in the 1980s. An earlier house on this site had been the home of William Marshall who gave a home to his nephew Joseph Mallord William Turner when he was about 10 years old.

Some reports suggest that at one time the building was refurbished by local architect/surveyor Nowell Parr, hence his trademark Doulton Tiles outside the building.

Further Information

The Weir Bar

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4 thoughts on “The Weir

  1. Burial Parish Register refers to : “George Wood dwelinge at the signe of the White Horse, in the Market Place, the xxvii day of February, 1603”

  2. Happy memories of The White Horse in 1980 -1988. Run at the time by a couple from Liverpool. Margie &Mike if memory serves me correctly. It was a traditional ‘boozer’ back then with a beer garden along side the canal. It was a popular haunt of the local constabulary and judiciary due to its proximity to both the court on Market place and the Police station on Half Acre. In 1984 I celebrated my Birthday and engagement at the ‘White Horse’

    1. Myself and my husband Margaret and Williams both from Liverpool ran the white horse the middle eighties where there about 4yrs we were there for the redecorate with the house next door and the reopening have some great memories

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