Carville Hall

Carville Hall

Carville Hall Park

Residence now converted into flats.

Built 1777 or earlier. Extended & re-fronted in 19th century?


Early Victorian House originally known as Clayponds. Bought by Middlesex CC 1918 for building the Great West Road.

The park around was bought by the Brentford UDC after the First World War as a War Memorial for the local men who had fought and to provide an open space for public use in an area of close built houses and industry. M4 divides the park.

Carville Hall is on the 1777 Bassett Survey of Ealing and belonged then to David Roberts (c1733-97) the wealthy distiller and brewer. Originally, Clayponds literally had clay pits which had become lakes in its garden.  It is aligned in the same position on the map and has been extended and refronted. The railway took some of the grounds to the south and the A4 took some to the north. Sales particulars with a detailed plan of about 1880 survive in LSLibrary.

Further Information

Model shoot in Carville Park, Winter 1967

As of September 2013 – In state of neglect. Currently there seem to be building works taking place on the house.

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7 thoughts on “Carville Hall

  1. I was born in Ealing Road in 1947 and played in Carville Hall Park in the early fifties. This building fascinated me and I would have loved to go inside but never did but used to dream about living there. Does anyone know what happened to the statue of the lion and when it was moved as I believe it is no longer there, I have a photo taken of me sat on his back

  2. My aunt and uncle (Brown) lived there for 30 years (it was flats for council workers back then). I used to stay there for the school summer holidays with my cousins, their flat had ceilings 20ft high! I moved away in the 70`s but I remember the white lion.

    1. We visited an aunt in the late sixties and went and had a look around Carville Hall Park as I have such good memories of the hours I spent there as a child and noticed that the park was quite a bit smaller then as the top of the gardens were no longer there , I think they had sold it off for offices or factories to be built there but haven’t been back since

  3. I was born in the house in 1952 and lived there with my Mum, Dad and brother until I married in 1974. Dad was in charge of the gardens and other local green areas. Had a great childhood playing in what seemed to be your own playground, would see the white lion from my bedroom window every morning.

    1. Just seen your reply about Carville Hall Park , I was born in Ealing Rd three doors away from the football ground and the park was my play ground from the early fifties and I used to have a photo of me sitting on the lion which was taken by my Mum but like a lot of things it seems to have disappeared. I know the park is smaller now although I haven’t visited for quite a number of years and I would love to know when the lion was taken away ? The big house used to fascinate me but I never went inside and I would talk to my Mum and grandparents about it and they would tell me that it was separate flats and I used to wish I knew someone who lived there, I must be honest your email has left me a little jealous knowing you woke up every morning and seeing that lion but thanks for putting this on it bought up lots of memories for me Mrs Olive Fairchild

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