The Gables, 1 Brent Road

1 Brent Road

The Gables 1 Brent Road Residence built in 1887. In Butts Conservation Area. History The owner 2009 has been researching the history and occupants of this house built for F. W. Lacey the local surveyor (designer of The Old Pumping Station) in 1887. [mapsmarker marker=”84″] Continue reading 1 Brent Road

St George's Church

St George’s Church

High Street

Built in 1887 as church, now derelict.

Locally listed as “Church now Musical Museum, Kew Bridge Rd”.

In Thames Policy Area.


Church was built in 1887 to replace the original that was built 1762 for local people led by the Trimmer family (local brick & tile makers). Tower (by A Blomfield) added 1913. Continue reading “St George’s Church”