Brentford FC 1919 team

Peace Brings the Crowds Back to Football

From 1914 competitive football ended and teams played instead as The London Combination. The Brentford team had struggled with only 11 contracted players, relying on numerous guest players. Some had been called up, some had been killed and one had died of influenza in October 1918. After the Armistice attendances increased and Brentford ended the 1918-10 season as champions. Brentford FC v Chelsea, report from … Continue reading Peace Brings the Crowds Back to Football

from the Supplement to the Middlesex Independent. March 25th 1911

Vote for Clements in 1911

Brentford Urban District Council Election, 1911


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The period for which you elected me as one of your representatives on the District Council having expired I have again decided to seek a renewal of your confidence.

I have always supported and shall if elected continue to support any measure which in my opinion will contribute to the welfare of the inhabitants of our town, and I strongly favour the idea of acquiring ground both for recreative and allotment purposes and thereby securing for our working classes the privileges which are enjoyed by neighbouring districts.

If you deem my past services worthy of your support kindly favour me with one of the four votes you will have at your disposal on Monday next.

I am Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your obedient servant,

James Clements Continue reading “Vote for Clements in 1911”

What an Easter for Brentford’s President

Brentford and Chiswick Times, 29th March, 1956
Brentford and Chiswick Times, 29th March, 1956

90th Birthday on Saturday: Diamond Wedding On Monday

A memorable and busy Easter is ahead for Mr H. W. (Bill) Dodge, the genial Brentford FC president. memorable because he celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, and because he and Mrs Dodge have their 60th wedding anniversary next Monday.

Busy because Mr Dodge will, as usual, be working in his garden and attending the game he loves – soccer. He’ll be at Griffin Park to see Walsall on Saturday, and both he and his wife will be journeying to Northampton next Tuesday for the return League game. Continue reading “What an Easter for Brentford’s President”

Residents Alarmed Over Car Parking

Residents Alarmed Over Car Parking

Fire Engines could not get through

Brentford Petition Raised
Brentford and Chiswick Times, 18 April 1952
Brentford and Chiswick Times, 18 April 1952

This picture, taken on Good Friday when Brentford were at home to Sheffield Wednesday, is typical of the scene in side roads when a Second Division game is staged at Griffin Park. A fire engine could not get through these roads.

Families living in streets round Brentford football ground have learned to fear the days when the first team is playing at home. Then the area is turned into a potential fire-trap as hundreds of cars park bumper to bumper along the narrow roads, sometimes three abreast. Continue reading “Residents Alarmed Over Car Parking”