Albany Parade

Opens in cafe in Albany Parade

Boston Manor Park

Mr Kipling – “Life is Better with Cake“, Sep 2014

Brentford Lock

Comet TV ad, 18th October 2012

Brentford Nylons

Gunnersbury Park

NSPCC Hug TV ad. Client: RAPP from Waveform Creative on Vimeo.

NSPCC ad featuring Gunnersbury Park and interior locations in 13-17 Boston Manor Road

Haverfield Estate

Actimel, end features Wicksteed House, Haverfield Estate, 2010

London Road

Comet TV Advert – 18th October 2012


Colman’s Shepherd’s pie, 2014


TV Licensing, 2013, The Butts, Burford Road,…

Thanks to @Brentfordian for their contributions to this page.

3 thoughts on “Adverts

  1. A wonderful recollection of memories.

    From 1999 to 2006 I was the corporate Engineering Facilities Manager for GSK formally SmithKline Beecham and one job I always enjoyed was getting the Christmas trees for the Great West Road from Gillette Corner to Wallis House opposite the now Audi Building

    Having decommissioned the original Lucozade Sign and donating it to Gunnersbury Museum the one thing that perplexed us all was the ownership of the tunnel that goes under the Great West Road from the now Audi building to SB house in which I stored the old Lucozde Sign letters that read “Lucozade Aids Recovery” the tunnel of which was of much debate on who owned it ! – many more memories to share if requested.

    1. Dear Darren
      I run the Museum of Christmas Twitter and would love to contact you for further info I have been looking for info on the Christmas trees and the Golden Mile Decorations for some time it would be great to hear from you.
      I’m local Brentford Based.
      The email is
      Kind Regards

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