formerly Northumberland Arms 11 London Road Pub built in 1853. Locally listed as “11 London Rd”. History A pub since at least 1853.  On right hand side of building you can see evidence of where the building was attached to the old railway bridge which crossed the London Rd. Numbers 1-11 London Road were locally listed with it, but these have been demolished and redeveloped. … Continue reading O’Briens

Cholera in 1853

  From returns made to the Commissioners of Metropolitan Police by the superintendents of the F, K, L, M, P, and R divisions of police, and transmitted this day to the General Board of Health, it appears that, between the 18th and 28th instant,there have occurred in those districts 20 cases of cholera, of which eight have resulted fatally. In one instance one patients died … Continue reading Cholera in 1853