1702 – 1714 Queen Anne

1702 It is said that Lord Godolphin the Lord High Treasurer was offered £500,000 by the Jewish community to buy the town of Brentford if they could have the full privileges of trade. It was suggested that this was agreed with Jews in other countries and would be likely to bring their richest merchants to the country and lead to the circulation of about £20m. The offer was not accepted.

1703 The first Charity school was established. The master was Austin Gwynn. Children from Ealing and Isleworth were admitted but had to be able to ‘write and spell’. Pupils were provided with caps and other items of clothing and dirty or idle children were expelled. School started at 7am in the summer and 8am in the winter.

1707 The Act of Union united England and Scotland

The first newspaper as we know them today was published (The Daily Courant) which led to public discussion of the political, moral and commercial state of the nation.

1707 A meeting house was rented near the Goat Inn in Ferry Lane by the Brentford Society of Friends (Quakers)

1710 The local Justices issued a warrant against William Smith of Brantford, a joiner ‘for immoderately beating and bruising his servant, Isaac Jackson, with a broomstick, by which he is unable to do his business, and further threatened to cutt him with a hatchet if it was his way’.

They committed one citizen to the stocks for swearing in the market place and issued warrants against others for tippling in a public house and ‘violently demolishing stiles and bridges’

1711 Five acres of land in Boston Manor Road was growing mulberries, apples, cherries, asparagus and strawberries.

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