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5 thoughts on “Listed Buildings

  1. Permanant Funfair at the foot of Kew bridge.
    I rmember being bought here by my late father, in the late 1940’s/ early 50’s , but can find nothing about it’s
    History or any photos of it ‘on-line’.
    Can anyone remember the fairground’s operator’s name and the date of closure ?

  2. Hi ,
    Yes you are right there was a fair there but I cannot find any references to it . I remember that there were a couple of dilapidated rides still located there in the late 60’s.

  3. I can remember this funfair. There used to be a dodgem cars ride there, which I used to spend quite a bit on during my school summer holidays, probably in the. Eye late 1950’s/early 1960’s.
    It probably cost the old 6pence per ride, which still seemed expensive compared with my pocket money at the time!

  4. I was told a lot of the fairground folk are buried at the old Hounslow cemetery in Hanworth road. I was last there in about 1990 and the graves are well looked after. Previous lived in Hibernia Road but left permanently in 1960

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