802-839 Egbert, King of Wessex

839-856 Ethelwulf

856-860 Ethelbald

860-866 Ethelbert

866-871 Ethelred

871-899 Alfred ‘The Great’

899-924 Edward ‘The Elder’

924-939 Athelstan

939-946 Edmund I

946-55 Edred

955-959 Edwy

959-975 Edgar

975-979 Edward II ‘The Martyr’

979-1013 and 1014-1016 Ethelred II ‘The Unready’

1016 Edmund

1016 A battle took place in Brentford around the ford between the armies of King Edmund Ironside and Canute the Dane. On the death of King Edmund, Canute was offered the throne

1016 – 1035 Cnut

1035 – 1040 Harold Harefoot

1040 – 1042 Harthacnut

1042 – 1066 Edward the Confessor

1066 Harold


1066 – 1087 William I

1086 A survey of his kingdom was made for King William I (the Conqueror) which is now known as the Doomsday Book. Although there was settlement in Brentford there is no entry in the book. This is because the administrative structure had already been established with Old, New and Brentford End being in Ealing, Hanwell and Isleworth parishes and entered under the appropriate parish. This had an effect on the way the town grew and developed through many centuries as there was no combined town until the nineteenth

1087 – 1100 William II

1100 – 1135 Henry I

1135 – 1154 Stephen


1154 – 1189 Henry II

1163 Ralf de Brito as Lord of the Manor of Boston built a church where burials could take place. It was dedicated to St Lawrence.

1170 Thomas a Becket was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.

1189 – 1199 Richard I

1189 Maurice de Berkley, whose estate was at Cranford, was a benefactor of St Lawrence’s church and his coat of arms were above the door for many years.

1192 King Richard was imprisoned by Leopold of Austria as he returned from a Crusade.

1199 – 1216 John

1215 Magna Carta was signed by King John.

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