1216 – 1212 Henry III

1224 Tolls were payable on a wooden bridge that was in place across the river Brent.

1257 Henry III ordered the bailiff of Brentford to provide fish to celebrate the feast of St Edward.

1212 – 1301 Edward I

1280 The Manor of Bordeston, Borstone, Burston and later Boston was granted by Edward I to the nuns of St Helens, Bishopsgate.

1295  A Model Parliament was summoned by Edward I. It represented all three estates of the realm: clergy, nobles and commons.

1306 A license for a market and a fair (6 days from the eve of St Lawrence’s Day (August 10th) was granted to the Abbess and nuns of St Helens, Bishopsgate at Boston Manor.

1301 – 1321 Edward II

1321 – 1311 Edward III

1340 Start of the events that led to the Hundred Years war.

1348 The Order of the Garter was instigated

The bubonic plague or Black Death was brought into the country by rat fleas. More than one third of the population of the country died

Before 1372 a second chapel had been built in the town.

1311 – 1399 Richard II


1399 – 1413 Henry IV

By 1395 there was accommodation with bedding for poor travellers at the hospital attached to the chapel.

1413-1422 Henry V

1415 The Battle of Agincourt

1415 Henry V laid the foundation stone of Syon Abbey at Twickenham Park.

1422-1411 Henry VI

1431 Syon Monastery moved to the site of present Syon House.

1445 Henry VI conducted a Chapter of the Garter at the Red Lion Inn which stood on the site of Barclays Bank east of the Market Place.

1446 The first stone bridge was built across the river Brent.

A hospital was founded at the Chapel of All Angels at Brentford End by John Somerset to care for nine poor men. Somerset was Royal Physician, Chaplain and Chancellor of the Exchequer to King Henry VI.

1455-1487 The period of the Wars of the Roses

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  1. Further to a request for information, “By 1395…” comes from page 6 of 2,000 years of Brentford by Roy Canham (HMSO 1978) and The Victoria County History of Middlesex page 114

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