New England

New England Pub (former)

Previously the Duke of York
Brook Road North (on corner with York Road)

Pub built in 1898.


Original building on York Rd in Victorian gothic style with turret. Extension on Great West Rd in Neo-Georgian or ‘Road House’ style. According to source “RIBApix” the pub was extended by local architects Nowell Parr and Son. Continue reading “New England Pub (former)”

Old York Mineral Factory

Old York Mineral Water Factory

Brook Road North Factory built in 19th century, now part residential, part works. History Group of 19th century buildings. Further Information The York Mineral Water Company Limited, of York Road, Brentford, London, was incorporated in February 1898. It was taken over by Barclay Perkins in October 1954. Operations were taken over by Camwal Limited in May 1955. The company was in voluntary liquidation in 1964. … Continue reading Old York Mineral Water Factory