St George's Schoolroom

St George’s Schoolroom

High Street

Built in 1786 as a schoolroom and currently derelict.

Grade II Listed as “St George’s Church Hall

In Thames Policy Area.

English Heritage Listing

(for St George’s Church Hall): 1786. Brown brick. Hipped old tile roof. 1-storey. Oblong plan with 6 sash windows. Front at right angles to road. First school of Mrs Tristram founder of Green School Movement.


Originally built as Sunday School for Sarah Trimmer, wife of a local businessman and a leading educationalist of her time.

Plaque pictured below reads: “The Church School Instituted in the year 1786. For Religious Instruction and Industry Supported by annual Subscriptions and Benefactions and the produce of the Children’s Work”

Further Information

In poor state of neglect

George's Schoolroom Plaque
George’s Schoolroom Plaque

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