3 thoughts on “St George’s School

  1. My Father Jack(John) Chapman and his older sister Joan attended St. Georges School in the late 1920s, early 30s. My dad, Jack was disabled and was born without any arms. The head master was a Mr. Dubois – always pronounced Duboys. I have a letter written by Mr Dubois written to my dad when he was an adult. I also have photos of the school if there is a way of recording them here.
    My aunts Violet, Joyce and Elizabeth Harmer went probably went to St. Georges. Joyce certainly went there as I had a mental arithmetic book with her name in it. I went to the nursery and then school 1958 – 1965. The headmaster was a Mr. Richard Church, a lovely man who lived in Boston Manor Road.
    In the 60s, the school was still heated by coke stoves in the corner of each classroom, the toilets were outside, the air raid shelter was still in the playground, the separate entrances for boys and girls clearly marked.
    I still have pictures of the Christmas pageant/play put on my the children – ON year I was Old King Cole’s wife, Clifford Bates was Old KIng Cole, and one year I was a Christmas Cracker on a Christmas tree!

  2. I believe I went to St George’s somewhere between 53 and 55
    Do you know of any way I can check this

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