St George's Church

St George’s Church

High Street

Built in 1887 as church, now derelict.

Locally listed as “Church now Musical Museum, Kew Bridge Rd”.

In Thames Policy Area.


Church was built in 1887 to replace the original that was built 1762 for local people led by the Trimmer family (local brick & tile makers). Tower (by A Blomfield) added 1913.

Used as Museum for mechanical musical instruments from 1963. The Musical Museum is now in purpose built accommodation at 399, High Street.

Some years ago, planning permission was obtained to convert the church into flats, but building work stalled due to the recession.

Further Information

2013 in poor condition

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4 thoughts on “St George’s Church

  1. DEM BONES, DEM BONES, DEM DRY BONES I can hear the word of the Lord

    This may be of interest to local people, The original chapel had a burial ground as shown in some period photographs. There has been much speculation as to what happened to the human remains over many years. Although the existing grounds both front and back when being dug up over the years, never showed any signs of human bones it was assumed they would have been reburied at a nearby cemetery (not St Pauls).
    On being nosy and curious as to why development work for conversion to flats had stopped it was discovered that at least one if not two enclosed and sealed vaults were under the church floor and they contained human bones. The grave stones were used as floor covering in the church.
    There will now be a long delay as the Church Commissioners decide what is to be done with the bones – reburial in consecrated ground. It may be a special Measure will be needed as the families of the dead are probably no longer known. You may have seen the Cross Rail line has also come across similar issues. So we now know where the bodies are!!
    Would you like to buy an expensive flat knowing there are real human remains under your floor?

    Michael Ryder Once Chairman of The Musical Museum

    1. Hello Michael,

      Is it the suggestion that remains from the original burial ground were moved to the vaults? If so, I am a descendant of some of those bones! My 2nd and 3rd great grandfathers and many of their children and grandchildren were certainly buried there.

      I would be interested to hear what happens about reburial, but now live some distance away in Buckinghamshire. Do you know where I can find out more about this and follow what happens? I would be very interested in any information you have.

      Josie Norris

  2. Hi, I too have ancestors buried at St George’s. Does anyone know what happened to the grave-stones, please?

    Giz Marriner

  3. Hi i ,too have ancestors ..Great great great grandmother ..Sarah Pictons was buried on 22nd June 1862 so i do believe that her gravestone have been removed sometime ago ….so cannot do anything about this but is there a plot of grave sections stored at Brentford Record Office ?

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