Brunel Bridge

Remnants of old Brunel Railway Bridge

Built in 1859 as railway bridge, now mostly derelict, storage or car repair yard.

In Thames Policy Area.


Remnants of the old Great Western and Brentford (Thames Junction) Freight Railway Line, built 1859.

Terminated in a dock now occupied by Brentford Marina and housing estate. The last railway project to be engineered by I K Brunel. Originally the purpose of the line was to transport Welsh Coal, but many other goods were transported along this line. With the opening of the factories along the Great West Rd in 1925 came much more of a variety of goods. By 1951 there were 25 freight trains a day on the line. A passenger service on the line was attempted on two occasions. The dock closed in 1964 and there was now no longer use for the railway.

The cobbled courtyard to the west of the railway embankment was originally the entrance to the Great Western Railway passenger station that closed in the 1940s and is in Isleworth Parish. Now part of car repair yard.

Further Information

2 London Rd
Brentford TW8 8JW

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