Overhanging Warehouse

Overhanging Warehouse

Grand Union Canal, Brentford

Built in 1960s as a warehouse, currently derelict and being re-developed.

In Grand Union Canal & Boston Manor Conservation Area; Thames Policy Area.


This is a piece of industrial history from the 1960s, formerly known as the Brentford Depot. A freight terminal at which barges and carriers (called lighters) from the Thames and docks, which were too wide for the canals of central England, transferred their loads onto narrow boats, to be taken up the canal as far as Birmingham. Even into the early 20th century, 20,000 narrow boats loaded up here each year.

There are still remains of the moving cranes and entry to the warehouse above the concrete wall into the building that opens on to Commerce Road. Change and redevelopment approaching 2013.

[mapsmarker marker=”56″]


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