The Ham Schoolroom

The Ham Schoolroom

The Ham, TW8 8HF

Built in 1895 as a school, now used as a nursery.

Locally Listed as “New Brentford School”

In Thames Policy Area


The Ham Schoolroom: Built 1895 as New Brentford School for boys. Later National School.

Plaque down alley, on right of the building, shows land given in 1815 by the Clitherows of Boston House for building the first school. Used for canal children in 1950s.

The two plaques pictured below read:

Brentford Freeschool Erected to Voluntary Contribution MDCCCXV

New Brentford National School Enlarged 1905 Foundation Managers T. Eland, M. A. Vicar and Chairman J. C. Liversidge W. H. Mills J. J. Robinson

Further Information

Now Teddies Nursery and Preschool.

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