Lucozade Advert

Lucozade Sign

Great West Road

Originally a pure advertising structure, now an advert on offices.


Local well-loved landmark, visible from M4 flyover.

Sign says: “Lucozade Replaces Lost Energy”. It originally read: “Lucozade Aids Recovery” but this was changed in the 1980s due to AIDS awareness.

Many people not from Brentford know it as the sign which welcomes them to London on the M4.

A rare example of Modernist Art or “kinetic sculpture” in advertising, which lights up to make the Lucozade appear to pour from the bottle to the glass. It was originally installed in 1954, on the side of what was then known as the “Lucozade Annex”, demolished in 2004.

The original sign is now in Gunnersbury Museum. A digital replica was reinstalled in 2010, on the side of York Parade, 200metres from its original site.

Further Information

Here’s the temporary ad, back in January 2010,

In September 2013  GSK sold Lucozade to Japanese company Suntory.

In January 2015 the sign was taken down and replaced with a full screen digital advert. There is a petition to bring it back.

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4 thoughts on “Lucozade Sign

  1. I work for the company which looked after the first sign and installed a new sign before the building was demolished ,also work on firestone ,the airport,smithcrisps

  2. I would like to see it back where it was in the original style. Why do we have to keep changing things that have been there for years and have a petition about it?
    It’s probably too late but the new TV screen thing is hideous.
    The building has probably been knocked down now.

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