St Paul's Church of England Primary School

St Paul’s School

St Paul’s Road

School built in 1873.

Locally listed.

In St Paul’s Conservation Area.


Opened in 1873 replacing Brentford Central Ragged School in New Spring Gardens that had provided free education from 1867. It was extended 1893 and 1899, and then again the last 10 years.

Further Information

Sept 2013 – Fire gutted the building in August 2013. Building works are currently being undertaken to refurbish the building

St Paul’s CE Primary School

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One thought on “St Paul’s School

  1. My Dyckhoff family attended this school back in 1874, the year after the school opened. The men of the family tended to be watermen at the time and before, as many of the bridges across the Thames had yet to be built. I appreciate seeing where they went to school, thank you.

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