Brentford Monument

Brentford Monument

By County Court, High Street

Monument built in 1909.

In Thames Policy Area.


Built from Peterhead granite that was originally part of Brentford Bridge.

Unveiled by the Ferry in 1909 but moved into a niche in Ferry Lane in the 1950s and the High Street outside the County Court in the 1980s.

Panels tell of 4 historic events in the history of the town:

54BC fording of the Thames by Julius Caesar (this site is now questionable),
King Offa’s Church Council meeting AD780/81,
King Edmund Ironside battling Canute and the Danes at the ford in 1016 and
fighting during the English Civil War in 1642 (the Battle of Brentford).

At some time the drums have been aligned wrongly – certainly differently from the way it appears on photographs of the unveiling by the Duke of Northumberland and it has lost the plinth on which it originally stood.

Brentford Monument
Brentford Monument

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