3 thoughts on “St John the Evangelist RC Church

  1. St. John’s RC church….. I am wondering if there are any records or photos of The Lourdes Pilgrimage 1960 or so in the archives. My late Grandmother Johanna Hanafin was on this trip ,and unfortunately I have lost the group photo . Father Peter Allen was the priest who arranged everything for my Grandmother to go on this trip . It would be wonderful if there is any information available. Thank you Sharon steele

    1. My grandparents went on a Trip to Lourdes, though I know very little about it. I know my parents were married at St Johns in 1965 and I was baptised here in 68, it would’ve been through my grandparents we had connection with St Johns so I too would be interested in any photos of this trip as they too may have been on this one.

      I’d never thought, till your question, that it may have been through St Johns they went.

      Their names George and Olive Lewis.

      1. Good afternoon Mr Lewis, It was Fr Allen who was a priest at St John’s who organised the Lourdes trip, my late Grandmother’s name was Johanna Hanafin. The group photo I had for many years, but now it is gone. My Granny was what they called a stretcher case so she was up the front of photo with other people on stretchers. Granny really hope for a cure but alas was not to be , she was about 72 years old when she went to Lourdes and she died in West Middx Hospital aged 87. It would be great if someone has a group photo…

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