2 thoughts on “York Mineral Water Co Ltd, Brentford

  1. I have one of these from my house grounds – the house was built in 1898 – and when I did an extension one of these bottles came up when they were digging! I live in Acton, W3.

  2. My Dad Allen Winson worked on the drays in the late 40s. He took an interest in the production side of the factory and was taught the trade by a man called Burt West. He met my Mum there who worked in the bottle factory as did her Mum. They married in 1950.
    In 1957 Dad applied for a job in York as production manager for a mineral water firm called R A Wrights.
    Two years later they were taken over by Melbourne brewery in Leeds, and were called Minster Minerals. Later Melbourne were taken over by Tetley who acquired Minster Minerals.
    The reason why I’m going into such detail is that my Dad’s mineral water recipes always beat Schweppes in competition including the “Sch.. you know who” tonic water, and it is in this factory, thanks to the his own talent and the opportunity given to him by Bert West, that he began his career.

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