Dock Road

Dock Road

Built as main use for dock thoroughfare.

Brentford Dock was constructed in 1859 but Dock Road itself may be much earlier.

In Grand Union Canal & Boston Manor Conservation Area; Thames Policy Area.


One of the principal north-south routes leading from High Street to former GWR dock. Road surface of granite sets is laid out in a striking fan pattern. Barlow rails are incorporated into base of fence at northern end of road.

The setts in Dock Road have been re-laid in the fan and original pattern in 2009 after the water pipes were replaced but the GWR water hydrant cover outside the Hay and Straw Depot went missing. This was reported to Maggie Urquhart. The Hay and Straw Depot demolished in 2011 was built in the garden of no.80 for the Underwood business (see 80 High Street).

Great Western Railway rails support the fence around the derelict Pharos Marine site.

In 2012 MSO Marine built the bridge for Lots Ait in the yard at the back.

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