Looking after bikes during football matches

Memory of Mr Stan Prince who lived at No. 92 Brook Road:

Brook Road end of Griffin Park
Brook Road end of Griffin Park

“On days when the bikes used to come around, my dad would give me a couple of shillings for helping him. People used to cycle all the way from Windsor and Staines to watch Brentford play.

“This was before cars began to come in, and trains were expensive. Blokes used to jump off the bikes, we’d give them a ticket; we slapped a ticket on the bike and they’d run off to get into the queue for the ground.

“We used to run ’em through the house. We’d have loads of bikes in there. Threepence a time. You might rake in about 15 shillings. At the end of the game, they’d be saying, ‘where’s my bl**dy lamp gone; where’s my pump!’

“The yard on the corner was beautiful. It was in and out. You could get 150 bikes in there. Quite a few places were doing it in the front garden. When the bikes started to go off, and the cars came in, the old pensioners used to guide the cars in – down Lateward and Clifden – and they’d work it in sections. When the match finished, they’d get sixpence or a shilling for looking after the cars. The football ground has been a good industry for people, for the shopkeepers and the pubs.”


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