Brook Road Sweet Shop

Micky and Albert Mancey's sweet shop, 38 Brook Road
Micky and Albert Mancey’s sweet shop, 38 Brook Road

“The corner of Brook Road and Lateward Road, Brentford, is of particular significance for Micky and Albert Mancey, who now live in Ealing Road, Brentford. It is here where the Brentford couple first met more than 50 years ago, when Albert used to buy chocolates for his niece from what was then a confectionery and tobacconist owned by Micky’s mother.

“Our picture in the Looking Back section below, taken of the shop in 1926, shows (from left) Micky; her mother, Hetty Wastell; and sister Nelly, who now lives in Christchurch.

Sweet Shop, 38 Brook Road South
Sweet Shop, 38 Brook Road South

“Micky and Albert Mancey (seen in the diary above) met many years ago at the shop that once stood on this site – the corner of Lateward and Brook Roads. The sweet shop once belonged to Micky’s mother and Albert was a regular customer.

“The couple came across an old photograph of Micky with her mother and sister outside the shop and thought it would be of interest to our readers. It was taken in 1926.

“Mrs Mancey, now 73, lived and worked at the corner of Brook and Lateward Roads. At that time it used to be crowded with children from three nearby schools – St Lawrence with St Paul’s, St John’s and Rothschild’s – and sweets sold at 4d a quarter, with the best chocolate going for a mere 6d and 8d a quarter. Cigarettes were 6d for 10 or 11½d for 20.

38 Brook Road South in the present
38 Brook Road South in the present

“During the war the shop was damaged by a landmine and was never re-opened. The site has not been used since.

“It’s a shame that it’s been empty all these years,” Mrs Mancey said. “Brentford used to be such a lovely place. It’s dead now.”

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