Brook Road South – Market Gardening

In 1837, a few months after Victoria became Queen,  a piece of land between Brook Lane and Drum Lane (now Ealing Road) was for sale. It was described as 4 acres of partly walled Market Garden Ground and it contained ‘Three Respectable, residences, a cottage and numerous outbuildings’.

The map with the notice of sale shows that the buildings were near the present site of the Griffin. There’s a bend in Brook Lane to the left which is still there and the brook runs as an open stream along the west side of the road. Continue reading “Brook Road South – Market Gardening”

Brook Road South – The Brook

1841 Tithe Map of Brentford
1841 Tithe Map of Brentford

The Tithe Map of Brentford in 1841 shows that the area of the town west of Drum Lane (now Ealing Road) was tightly packed buildings between the High Street and Albany Road with open ground beyond. Running north to south is a blue line marking the route of the brook. Parallel with the water course is a narrow road and at a sharp bend there are four cottages later called Brook Terrace. Continue reading “Brook Road South – The Brook”