Clifden Road Wall

Clifden House Garden Wall

This wall lies behind the Methodist Church on Clifden Rd, running along the backs of the gardens on the south side of Hamilton Road and the north of Clifden Road. There may also be some more visible behind the houses on Brook Road South where there’s a car park too.

This is likely to have been the garden wall of Clifden House, built for Viscount Clifden in the late 18th century. The garden ran the length of what is now Clifden Road and the Brook looks as though it was blocked at both ends to make a garden feature, (See tithe map of 1839, following the brook). Continue reading “Clifden House Garden Wall”

Brook Road South – the War Years

There has been some publicity recently about a website showing incidents of bombing all over the country during World War 2.

The Local Studies Collection in Chiswick Library holds the records of all the local ‘incidents’ which suggest that 26 people were killed in Brentford due to the bombing, 63 were seriously injured and 149 suffered minor injuries.

The ‘incident’ that caused the most damage in Brook Road happened at 01.40 on September 29th 1940 and was one of 29 occurrences in the borough that night. Continue reading “Brook Road South – the War Years”