TV and Film

Boston Manor House

“Hastings” in Foyle’s War

Gigglebiz, Season ?, Episode 4, shows interior as well as exterior

Boston Manor Park

Misfits, C4 – under the flyover, several episodes

Brentford Dock

Murdered by my Father, BBC3 2016 (TV film)
New Tricks, 2015 (episodes unknown)
Silent Witness, BBC, filmed June 2016 (episodes unknown)

Brentford Library

An episode of Miranda, with several others filmed in Gunnersbury Park

Brentford Lock

The Bargee, 1964 starring Harry H Corbett, opens in Brentford Lock and also features the Hanwell Locks and Bull Bridge.

Brentford Market

The Sweeney, Old Brentford Market
The Sweeney, Old Brentford Market

The Sweeney, Season 3, episode 8 “Sweet Smell of Success”, car chase in the old Brentford Market, now the site of Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre.

The Butts

Miss Potter
From Hell, with Johnny Depp, 2001
Mr Selfridge (filmed in October 2014, episodes not identified)

Distillery Road

Spare a Copper, George Formby, 1941

Dock Road

The Saint, 1966, Dock Road
The Saint, 1966, Dock Road
The Saint The Helpful Pirate 1966 - entrance to Dock Road opposite Morrisons
The Saint The Helpful Pirate 1966 – entrance to Dock Road opposite Morrisons

New Tricks, Season 11?, 2014 filmed late 2013 in Dock Road and Brentford Dock

Bastille Day, due for release in 2016 includes scenes shot in Dock Road in December 2014. It stars Richard Madden and Idris Elba.

Firestone Factory shows this being used in I’m All Right Jack, 1959.

Gillette Corner/Factory

The Gillette Building was used for filming 24: Live Another Day series in January 2014.

The Lavender Hill Mob (1951) drove down the A4, passing the NatWest Bank and the Gillette building as can be seen on this excellent website, which includes film stills and the modern equivalent.

Gillette Factory – Red 2, 2013

Green Dragon Lane

The Day of the Daleks episode 2, 1972, Harvey House, Green Dragon Lane
The Day of the Daleks episode 2, 1972, Harvey House, Green Dragon Lane

Doctor Who

The Griffin

Green Street, 2005. New Road and Braemar Road were also used.

Green Street, 2013.

The Rainbow Jacket, 1954, The Griffin
The Rainbow Jacket, 1954, The Griffin

Griffin Park

A Victoria Wood special

The Great Game (1953), starring James Hayter, Diana Dors and Thora Hird


Four Dimensions of Greta, aka Three Dimensions of Greta, 1972

The Challenge, 1960, shows the Royal Oak, the Royal Oak stand and St Paul’s School. Stills on

Gunnersbury Park Mansion

Bend it Like Beckham, 2002

The Ham

The Professionals, Season 5, Episode 6 “Spy Probe” opens in The Ham under Augustus Close, runs round Brentford Dock and drives down Half Acre.

Haverfield Estate

The Sweeney, 1976, Haverfield Estate
The Sweeney, 1976, Haverfield Estate

The Sweeney, Season 3, episode 8 “Sweet Smell of Success”,

People Just Do Nothing, BBC3 “mockumentary” about Kurupt FM

High Street

Man in a Suitcase, 1967, High Street
Man in a Suitcase, 1967, High Street, can see gasworks, St George’s church and water tower
Up the Junction 1968
Up the Junction 1968

Layer Cake, 2004

Hell Drivers, 1957 with Stanley Baker filmed near the Gas Works


TV: The Sweeney
TV: The Sweeney
TV: The Sweeney
TV: The Sweeney

flyover, top of Brook Road North – The Sweeney, BBC

Silent Witness, BBC, see trailer (can just see the M4 Flyover 20 seconds in)

Mafeking Road

Rentaghost, Series 1, Episode 4, scenes in Mafeking Road, Albany Road, Brook Road South and St Paul’s Recreation Ground.

Police Station (now closed)

Malcolm Tucker turns himself into Brentford Police station in The Thick of It, Season 4,Episode 7, 2012.

Syon Park

Both house and gardens feature frequently in TV and film costume dramas, most recently BBC’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’, CBBC’s ‘Horrible Histories’ and Stephen Poliakoff’s ‘Dancing On The Edge’. The Great Conservatory is showcased in Yash Chopra’s 2012 Bollywood film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.

Endeavour (the prequel film about Inspector Morse)
The Lost Prince
The Young Visitors
Looking for Victoria
Daniel Deronda
Wives and Daughters
Love in a Cold Climate
Gosford Park
The Madness of King George
The Wings of the Dove
The Golden Bowl
The Avengers
Poirot (TV)


Burford Road – Doctor Who, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, 1973


Great West Quarter – Doctor Who, The Christmas Invasion, 2005

Kew Bridge Steam Museum – Doctor Who, Remembrance of the Daleks, 1988

Lot’s Ait – The African Queen

Brentford Central and other places feature in Dixon of Dock Green

Soccer AM did an away guide to Brentford in 2012

Special Mentions

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery’ contains genuine match footage of a game between Arsenal and Brentford FC. Hence it has a nice card at the beginning ‘the producers would like to thank The Arsenal Football Club and The Brentford Football Club’.

This List on IMDB

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14 thoughts on “TV and Film

    1. I read it here (under the overview section) I think I’ve read it elsewhere too, though they may be just getting their information from the same source and just repeating it. I know most every location used in the series but the location of the police station that’s seen two or three times during the series is one I can’t find. I was wondering if it was located in Brentford.

  1. The Beatle’s Hard Days Night featuring Ringo Starr has scenes filmed near Kew Bridge with Brentford gas works in the background.

  2. Hi guys n gals
    Don,t forget the CLASSIC Brief Encounter with Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson shot a scene at the gauging lock [ near the bridge ]

    1. Hello Ramsey. Hope you and family are keeping well. Love Debbie & Karen Clarke. Debbie Mobile 07731447379. 02085684216.

  3. I lived in Brentford in the 60’s to 70’s. My mum and dad ran a newsagent shop in Greet Road before the tower blocks were built. I remember as a child I had a day of school because they filmed an episode of Dixon of Dock Green with a robbery scene filmed in our shop. I got to stand behind the counter and watch. I also remember when we moved to the new shop close to the tower blocks having Dr Who filmed in Harvey house where I used to do my paper round. I walked to the film set with John Pertwee who had come into the shop

    1. I remember one dark winters night in the early 60s filming taking place in Clayponds Lane area. We lived in Harnage Road till 1964. I feel sure the filming was for Z Cars and at one time I had Brian Blessed’s autograph(he played Fancy Smith). The ‘chuck wagon was parked there and they gave us kids lots of left over food – cream cakes as I remember. Derek Trimmer – I remember the newsagents very well. My grandfather and his wife lived opposite in what was once The Greet Dining Rooms, and my mother Thelma Chapman used to work for your parents part time. My dad was well known inteh area as he was born without any arms.

  4. I remember in 1959 aged 6 seeing a film being made outside my house in Hamilton Road. A busty blonde actress starred. I recently tracked it down. It was a film called The Challenge starring Jayne Mansfield and Anthony Quayle. Stills from the film can be seen on the Reelstreets website.

  5. I think around 78 or 79, the playground of Green Dragon school was used to film opening credits of a programme called “A Child’s Place”. The camera was on top of the first tower block. We were made to run around and then a whistle was blown and we laid down to create the words of the title.

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