2 thoughts on “Victorian Shops, Windmill Road

  1. My Nan had a Greengrocers at the shop at Layton Road end of these. Two large houses on opposite corner of Layton Road, one was Pigny’s sweet shop, maybe also newsagent.

    1. Remember it well. Was the Greengrocer Terry? Along the row pictured was a newsagents. Think the end one on the left was always private housing and the one next door to it may have been as well. Pignys was the other side of Leyton Rd on the bridge. Always think of wet Sunday afternoons in the winter, and the smell of coal fires down Orchard Rd, when I had to run round to Pignys to buy sweets for my brothers and sister. It was an older couple that ran the shop. The wife was pleasant but her husband was a miserable so and so. Didn’t have any patience with kids at all especially when they were choosing what sweets they wanted. Along on the left from the row pictured was a shoe shop, butchers and grocers (Burwells).

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