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  1. Remember this so clearly.I attended St.Pauls from 1959 to 1966.I was able to start school at the age of 4 because my aunt,Miss Fowler,taught there and Mr.Pett the headmaster gave his permission.We used to play in the park at lunchtimes even using the play equipment,swings etc.I can’t imagine that being allowed now!I also remember attending the Clinic that stood behind the school to have vaccinations and see the dentist.The Clinic was built round a quad that housed a large pond which contained fish.Both my father,uncle and my grandfather attended St.Pauls so we have quite a history with both the school and the local area as my grandfather and his siblings,of which there were many lived in Old Spring Gardens which became the site of the Clinic.

    1. I also attended St. Pauls from 1955 to 1961 and was in Miss Fowlers class from 1959 until I left (still have my school reports!). I think Miss Fowler introduced her niece Pippa Brown when she first started but that was a long time ago. I can remember quite a few of the other teachers, Miss Adshead, Mr. Barlow, Mr. Cooper, Mr Lingley, Miss Collett the school nurse and of course Mr Pett. Mr Pett always arrived on his motorcycle wearing a flat cap. Mr Lingley ran the school football team and we had a successful 1960 to 1961 season winning the League Championship. Still have the photo of the team with Mr Lingley, with the cup, taken in the recreation ground. St Pauls was a really happy place. Only thing I wasn’t keen on was school dinners in the school hall which has since been demolished.

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