The Pottery Arms

The Pottery Arms

25 Clayponds Lane

Built before 1888, rebuilt 1921/2


First named in 1888. Rebuilt 1921/2 to Nowell Parr design.

Study of site done by Chiswick Library local studies in 2009 when it had been closed for some some time.

As of September 2013, being converted into houses.

See Pub History

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5 thoughts on “The Pottery Arms

  1. Over the years (30 I believe) some friends and I have met up to go on a pub crawl in November / December in the Ealing / Chiswick area. There are always eight or nine official pubs, and countless unofficial ones. The Pottery Arms was never on the official list but a group of always dropped in unofficially if the route went through Brentford! The beer was awful; the atmosphere was idiosyncratic, but the welcome was always excellent!


  2. I remember the pub during the 1950s, early 60s. My father Jack(John) Chapman was born without any arms and we lived in 13, Harnage Road. Sybil and Win ran the pub and there was a parrot in the public bar; it swore like a trouper. Next to the ‘bottle and jug’ – the takeway effectively, was the tiny private bar. Sybil and Win would allow me to sit behind the the door to the private bar so that I could help my Dad with his pint, often on a Sunday evening. Linda

    1. Nee Denise Ovens I assume? Uncle Frank and Auntie Gwenyth’s eldest daughter. Lorraine and Mark’s big sister. Have some lovely family pics of Frank and Gwen, trips to South end and you at London Zoo. Uncle Frank was my godfather.

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